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  • The July/August 2018 Issue of Corbin's TechTalk News Now Available +

    The July/August issue of TechTalk News   is now available and is packed with new meetings technology articles, links and ideas! 

    In this issue:

    • NEW ARTICLE: As Technology Changes Events, These Five Elements Will Stay the Same
    • NEW PODCAST: Leading Learning: Technology, Meetings and Learning with Corbin Ball
    • NEW ARTICLE: 5 Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019
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  • Corbin to Chair IBTM's Technology and Innovation Watch Award for the 15th Year. +

    This award is the longest running and one of the event industry's most significant award recognizing technology innovation - the "Academy Awards" of events technology. I am very pleased to I have been asked again to chair the judging committee. This award is a great opportunity for technology companies to show their new stuff and get a free booth at IBTM
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  • Calling #EventTech Providers: IBTM Technology Watch Award Applications Are Now Open +

    The IBTM Technology Watch, established in 2000, is the original meetings technology award! I have had the honor of chairing the judging committee for the past 15 years and am eagerly looking forward to doing so again this year. This award has highlighted wide assortment of international events technology innovations that continue to impact the events industry. With new ideas
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  • Corbin to be Inducted into the EIC Hall of Leaders +

    Corbin Ball, together with Henry Givray, Edward Liu, and Deborah Sexton will be inducted into the Event Industry Council's Hall of Leaders for 2018, the most prestigious honor in the meetings, conventions, exhibitions and events industry.  The awards celebration will occur on October 16, 2018 in Las Vegas during IMEX America. 
         Personal note: I feel tremendously honored and
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  • Corbin Ball & Co. Marks Its 21st Anniversary +

    In April of 1997, I left my career as Head of Conference Operations for a high-tech association (SPIE) to form my own speaking, consulting and writing firm focusing exclusively on technology for events, exhibitions and meeting venues. I was the first person to do this full-time -- the 'OG' of event tech! Today, I am happy to say there are many Read More

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    • 15 Evolutionary Changes In The World Of Event Tech
    • As Technology Changes Events, These Five Elements Will Likely Stay the Same

      We are living in a time of unprecedented technology change. How will these changes affect meetings and tradeshows? Will they remain a central form of education, networking and marketing? Will virtual meetings and other communication technologies replace the need for face-to-face events and exhibitions? Although there will likely be very

      Read More
    • Five Trends That Will Revolutionize Trade Show Marketing in 2019

      ©2018 - Guest Post by  Ryan Gould, Elevation Marketing

      If you’re a business owner or marketer who’s serious about maximizing ROI, then you need to have a presence at industry trade shows. It’s all in the statistics—when it comes to efficiency, 85% of B2B marketers and salespeople say that trade shows

      Read More
    • Face Recognition – The Next Step to Streamline Events

      Face recognition (FR) is rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives. iPhone X users open their phone using FR as their passwords. Airlines and TSA are starting to use FR as a faster and more secure way of check-in and boarding flights. Apple, Facebook, Google and Snapchat have made recent

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    • Three Steps to Cope with Technology Change

      When laptops computers first appeared in the early 1990s, manufactures called them “freedom machines” with ads showing smiling users inputting at the poolside and the beach. We don’t see these ads anymore. People are aware that technology isn’t increasing our leisure time -- we seem to be working harder than ever!

      Read More
    • 50 Ideas Using Video to Market and Improve Expos and Events

      ©2018 By Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES

      Video marketing is king! The State of Video Marketing in 2018 report from Wyzowl details numerous survey statistics about the growth and increasing power of using video for marketing products and services.

      This applies to events. The creative use of video can help

      Read More
    • Leveraging Social Influencers to Build Meeting Involvement and Attendance

      ©2018,  Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES

      Celebrity endorsements have been around since the start of advertising. The athletes on the Wheaties box, the movie star promoting to the TV cameras, the Nike Swoosh on sports star’s clothing all are part of advertising. Psychologists have long realized that buyers are more

      Read More
    • Event Chatbot 101 - Essential Questions Answered

      ©2018 Guest post by Mark Kao, COS Rental

      Chatbots aren’t new. Joseph Weizenbaum created a prototype in 1966 and named it ELIZA. But the idea didn’t catch on until 50 years later.

      Today, chatbots are the talk of the event planning and marketing town. If you’ve wanted to know more

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    • 7 Event Design Ideas from EventTech Las Vegas

      Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES

      As someone who sees a wide array of event designs in the 30-40 events I attend annually, it is refreshing to see a number of innovative event designs in a single conference. This was the case with the recent EventTech conference in Las Vegas produced

      Read More
    • Blockchain and Ethereum -- How Can They Be Used for Events?

      ©2018 Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES, MS

      What is blockchain?

      According to Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016),“blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

      Blockchain is a means of managing electronic

      Read More
    • Overcoming SMM Technology Challenges

      ©2018 Robert Walters, Meeting Evolution

      Recent articles have indicated that many organizations attempting to deploy a Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) technology solution have not experienced the savings and improvement they expected.  In many instances, the reason has nothing to do with the technology selected – but the internal procedures and processes

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    • Event Technology Innovation Trends Highlighted with IBTM World’s 2017 Technology & Innovation Watch

      ©2017 Corbin Ball, Chair of the IBTM Technology & Innovation Watch Judging Committee

      Established in 2000, The IBTM World Technology & Innovation Watch is the longest running and regarded by many as the most significant technology award for the meetings industry. The goals are to recognize technology innovation and to

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    • The Top 5 Benefits of Augmented Reality for Trade Shows

      ©2017 Guest Post by Brendan Scully, Scully Creative Labs LLC

      Trade shows offer a great opportunity to promote your business and its products, but you have to do what you can to make the most of this opportunity. You are competing with other companies for attention, so it is important

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    • Eight Meetings Tech Trends to Watch for 2018

      These are exciting times. The rate of technology change is accelerating with thousands of ideas, apps and innovations bubbling up to help meeting planners, exhibitors, venues and other meeting participants to do their jobs better and improve the attendee experience.

      This annual review covers many of the major events technology

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    • How to Leverage Live Social Media Coverage for Event Engagement

      Guest post by Reno Marci

      Live events have a unique value to marketers, because they afford businesses face-to-face time with potential customers, allow for physical demonstrations of products and services, and can be used for lead generation purposes. However, social media means that interactions no longer need to be face-to-face

      Read More
    • Evolutionary Changes In The World Of Event Tech

      Guest posting by Kevin Maddox

      Mobile phones and computers were considered science fiction in the early nineties. Back then, video chatting was also a distant dream, or rather it was a concept that was solely reserved for Star Trek. Technology has progressed exponentially since then. Last decade, we saw virtual

      Read More

    5 Stages of Digital Marketing for Sold-Out Events

    © 2017, Emily Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager, Tradable Bits

    Ever wonder how events like Lollapalooza manage to sell out so fast? Analysing social data from hundreds of events reveals much insight into how best to market conferences.

    Typical conferences go like this: hardly anyone talks about you before event day except your team, so many people talk about you during your event that you’re completely overwhelmed and then you return to radio silence just days after it’s all over. Sound familiar?

    Turns out, the most successful sold-out conferences do two things differently. First, they acknowledge and collect data about everyone that shows interest in their conference - not just ticket buyers. We call these people “fans”. Second, all of the sold-out conferences use social CRM technology to execute the same five stage marketing cycle, seen below. We’ve called this formula “fan-based marketing”.

    When you launch, attract, prepare, attend and amplify with fan-based marketing, you:

    • Generate organic excitement and qualified leads, even months before event day
    • Sell out before event day by ensuring every dollar spent on advertising reaches fans
    • Triple your organic engagement during your event while maintaining complete control
    • Extend organic engagement with your fans and their friends long after your event

    Five Stages of Fan-Based Marketing for Sold Out Conferences:


    Seven to eleven months before your conference, buzz about your existence is your lifeblood. Don’t blast brand content and pray it’s heard; connect fans with an engagement campaign that creates organic activity.

    Goal: Generate awareness for your conference

    Typical conferences: Create and pay to push tons of brand content to your own properties

    Fan-based marketers: Incentivize fans to create their own content about you and collect contacts with a user-generated contest

    Result: More reach for far less effort and spend; more authenticity and credibility


    Five to eight months before your conference, your speaker lineup launch should generate leads. Using the audience you’ve built, segment fans by interest and personalise your launch - ensuring a positive response.

    Goal: Educate your fans about your lineup

    Typical conferences: Pay to tell fans about your lineup through brand content and print/online advertising

    Fan-based marketers: Directly email fan networks and amplify organic fan content about your lineup

    Result: Higher email open rates because subscribers anticipate you reaching out to them; more organic reach


    One to three months before your conference, you’ve launched your schedule and are preparing your fans for a stellar experience. If you sell out early with optimised ads, you’ll have more time to plan surprise fans with personalised offerings.

    Goal: Generate excitement for your event

    Typical conferences: Promote your schedule on brand assets, starting with an app-only launch to drive installs

    Fan-based marketers: Encourage fans to share their own personalised schedules with their friends on social

    Result: More organic awareness for less effort and spend; fans introduce you to their networks


    During your conference, you’re making sure fans have a good time while solving any potential issues. When you have a pulse on fan social content, you can relax while staying in control and ahead of any crises.

    Goal: Amplify the activity at your conference

    Typical conferences: Post about event day to brand assets and ask media to promote your live stream

    Fan-based marketers: Use your app to interact with fans via push notifications and connect them with speakers

    Result: Tons of brand mentions in press and social from genuinely happy fans who had a great experience


    After your conference, keep the brand buzz going for longer. Don’t start from scratch again next year - use previous years’ data, audiences and insights to make your next conference bigger and better so you’ll sell out even faster.

    Goal: Keep engagement going beyond event day

    Typical conferences: Repost live stream and brand content to your own website and social profiles

    Fan-based marketers: Put fan experiences (user-generated content) on your website and socials, inviting fans to share

    Result: Enjoy year-long engagement; use past fan data to personalise future campaigns, increasing ROI


    When event marketers are overwhelmed with disjunct data on social, e-commerce and ticketing platforms, they must connect with their individual fans.

    Profiles on social media are more than just follower numbers - they’re digital representations of the everyday identities of your attendees. Connecting with them through social login campaigns and social aggregation provides an unprecedented opportunity for your event to reach the humans behind your online sales.

    Successful marketing starts with identifying who your fans are, ensuring they have excellent experiences and then using their influence to generate awareness, engagement and sales.

    For a complete breakdown of fan-based marketing tactics for sales, marketing, organisers and sponsorship within each stage, download the complete Tradable Bits Fan-Based Marketing for Events white paper here.

    Tradable Bits helps events know their fans and market smarter. Their marketing platform is your all-inclusive solution for sponsorship activations, social aggregation and ecommerce-integrated Fan CRM. These tools combine fan data across networks, giving you a complete understanding of your audience so you can provide awesome experiences while optimizing spend.

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