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  • The 2019 Quarter 4 Issue -- the Final Issue of Corbin's TechTalk News is Now Available +


    Welcome to the final issue of Corbin's TechTalk Newsletter (see below). 

    This issue is packed with articles, links, videos and ideas on how you can use technology to improve the business process for events and tradeshows.

    In this issue:
    • NEW ARTICLE: Event Technology Innovation Trends Highlighted with IBTM World’s 2019 Technology Watch
    • NEW ARTICLE: A 60-Year Timeline of Events Technology Innovation
Read More
  • Corbin Ball & Co. Marks Its 22nd Anniversary +

    In April of 1997, I left my career as Head of Conference Operations for a high-tech association (SPIE) to form my own speaking, consulting and writing firm focusing exclusively on technology for events, exhibitions and meeting venues. I was the first person to do this full-time -- the 'OG' of event tech! Today, I am happy to say there are many Read More

  • Corbin Inducted into the EIC Hall of Leaders +

    Corbin Ball, together with Henry Givray, Edward Liu, and Deborah Sexton was inducted into the Event Industry Council's Hall of Leaders for 2018, the most prestigious honor in the meetings, conventions, exhibitions and events industry.  The awards celebration occured on October 16, 2018 in Las Vegas during IMEX America. 
         Personal note: I feel tremendously honored and thrilled to
    Read More
  • Corbin Named as One of the Top 30 CMP Influencers by the CIC +

    I am very happy and honored to be included with 29 other colleagues in this first peer-nominated influencers campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) program. 
    As the 30th anniversary year of the Certified Meeting Professional Program began, the Convention Industry Council (CIC), which administers the program, wanted to recognize this milestone by honoring the CMPs
    Read More
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      ©2020 Claire Divas, Editor - Likehack Introduction Facebook has over more than 2 billion active users with no sign of slowing down and acts as an ideal platform to promote an event or tradeshows. It provides the ability to reach your exact audience by age, interest, location, and behavior. Facebook is
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      ©2020 Electro-Media Design, Ltd. By Sara Friedman Facial recognition technology has the ability to transform the events industry, but it remains to be seen how attendees will respond to the biometrics solutions coming onto the market. Potential uses for facial recognition include simplifying the on-site registration process, tracking attendee facial
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    • The Next Big Trade Show Attraction Has Arrived: Virtual Reality Video

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    • 8 Effective Ways To Promote Your Event On Facebook

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    • Event Technology Innovation Trends Highlighted with IBTM World’s 2019 Technology Watch

      ©2019 Corbin Ball, Chair of the IBTM Technology Watch Judging Committee Established in 2000, The IBTM World Technology & Innovation Watch is the longest running and one of the most significant technology awards for the meetings industry. The goals are to recognize technology innovation and to highlight significant trends impacting
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    • A 60-Year Timeline of Events Technology Innovation

      ©2019 by Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP Technology changes in the past six decades have been astonishing. This chronological list of significant technology milestones with societal technology events in “black” and face-to-face and virtual events industry-related technology innovations in “blue” shows far we have come, 1962 The Kodak Carousel slide projector was introduced. 1963 Bell
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    • How 5G Will Revolutionize the Event Industry

      ©2019 Ralf Llanasas, Whatphone 5G and the International Rollout The highly anticipated fifth generation of wireless network technology is finally a reality in countries around the world. Statistics predict that 5G networks will be full in use by 2020, with over 1 billion users connected to the technology by 2025.
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    • The Event Technology Revolution – Are We There Yet?

      I recently attended an open-air concert in the small city where I live. Before the music began, I noticed what appeared to be three generations of women sitting in front of me (a teenage daughter, mother and an elderly grandmother). I heard a phone ring and watched the grandmother reach
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    • 2019 Trade Show Trends That Exhibitors Need to Be Following to Maximize Customer Engagement

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    • How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Event (and Sell it Out)

      2019 Guest Post by Natasha Ponomaroff As of 2018, Instagram had an estimated 77.6 million active users. 500 million people use Instagram every single day; 71% of U.S. businesses use Instagram and 23% of Instagram images are more likely to get ‘likes’ vs Facebook images. Still not impressed? How about…1
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    • Second Screen Technology for Events: What Are the Options?

      ©2019 Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP, DES Presenters and meeting planners are often faced with the following dilemmas: In today’s multitasking environment where event participants are regularly on their mobile devices, how to keep their attention? How do you keep attendees engaged? And how can you best measure their interests and
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    • Event Planning Technology: 6 Essential Features to Use

      ©2019 Guest Post:  Callie Walker, ePly   Event planning technology can be a broad subject, but it can be boiled down to this definition: Any technology that helps you plan, manage, and organize data when putting on an event. Different types of organizations put on different events, but all organizations can benefit from
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    Social Media Channels Increasingly Becoming Event-centric

    Social Media Channels Increasingly Becoming Event-centric

    ©2016 Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball & Co.

    Social media and events, at their core, bring people together. When used properly, they should go hand-in-hand. Social media providers have recognized this and are increasingly becoming more event-centric in their product offerings.  Here are a few new ways that this is happening:


    Facebook, is the largest social media channel with 1.67 billion users (1 in 5 on this planet).

    • It has long had an Events Page option for their Business Pages.
    • Last year, for Facebook Business Pages, “Call to Action” buttons were added including a “Sign Up” button.  Every event planner using an online registration form should consider including this “Sign Up” button on their FB Event page linking to their event registration page.
    • In April 2016, Facebook partnered with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite allowing attendees to register directly on their Facebook pages. With an API (Application Program Interface), this should become more common with other online registration providers.
    • In April 2016, Facebook added a video tab to their mobile apps bringing live steaming, Facebook Live, to events and groups in direct competition to Periscope (see below). It is possible to go live in Facebook Groups and Facebook Events. Interactivity is built in with Live Reactions for viewers to express their feelings. Reportedly 10 times more comments have been received on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos. Also, check out the Facebook Live Map on your desktop where people in more than 60 countries share real-time video.


    Instagram, with 400 million users, is owned by Facebook. The inherently visual and mobile nature of this app has proven to be helpful and is increasingly used at events and exhibitions.

    • Instagram has become a common component of social walls, event photo booths such as ChirpE and selfie mirrors. These tools can boost brands and greatly amply social media activity at events and tradeshows to a larger audience.
    • Instagram uses Twitter hashtags and should be incorporated in all event-related postings.
    • Both photos and videos (up to 15 seconds) can be posted about the events.
    • In January 2016, Instagram started curating videos about live events. Although these have centered around large sporting events, it is an indication of the recognition of the importance of events.
    • In August 2016, Instagram announced their 24-hour video posting service called Stories -- essentially a clone of Snapchat's Story feature.


    Snapchat, with 100 million daily active users, is much more than and app for teenagers to send disappearing chat messages. They have made a number of moves to make their app more event-centric.

    • The Snapchat “Story” feature displays content for 24 hours and could be a natural for many events.
    • Snapchat Experts can help plan a Snapchat event marketing campaign.
    • Last year, the “Our Story” feature become available with direct applications for events. It allows multiple users to contribute to a public collection of photos and videos based around a specific geo-fenced area (the event location). These custom “Our Story” geofilters have been a significant success with users snapping events.
    • Targeting the “ultimate event,” Snapchat will dedicate a live story channel for the 2016 Olympic Games.


    Twitter, with more than 332 million active users, provided the original social media back channel for events. Making its major debut at the 2007 SXSW conference, the twitter hashtag is now a central social media search phrase at many events, and is used across multiple social channels. As of May 2016, Twitter is No. 1 in the iTunes App Store emphasizing the importance of their mobile strategy (more than 88% of all tweets are mobile).

    • Twitter acquired Periscope in January 2015. This live video streaming app was the Apple “App of the Year” for 2015 with over 10 million active users.
    • Periscope is increasingly used at events for event marketing and for attendees to share their experiences (for up to 24 hours) with each other and to a larger audience.
    • As Periscope is owned by Twitter, it is easy to promote these “scopes” using a Twitter profile and event hashtag. When you go live in Periscope, the Twitter bird can be selected so that your steam can be broadcast live into Twitter (in addition to the Periscope app).
    • Also, although the Periscope streams are only viewable for 24 hours, there is an option to save a recording to your camera roll which then can be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube for longer lasting post-event promotion. Periscope is currently (May 2016) in beta testing to allow for saving the videos permanently within the Periscope app cloud.
    LinkedIn, recently purchased by Microsoft, with 433 million users, has finally made a move to video content created by users, To be released later this month (Auigust 2016), it will start as a invitation-only group of about 500 LinkedIn power influencers making Quroa-like short videos in responses to questions put to them. It will likely be expanded to more users in the future.

    These are some of the recent developments pointing to the significance of events in the social media realm. Many more are expected in the next few years as the power of social media at face-to-face events increasingly is recognized.

    Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP is a speaker and independent third-party consultant focusing on meetings technology. With 20 years of experience running international citywide technology meetings, he now helps clients worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity He can be contacted at his extensive web site Corbin Ball & Co. - Meetings Technology Headquarters ( and followed at

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