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Tips to Come Up with More Effective Promo Videos for Events

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As a medium there are many ways to utilize videos for events – but one of the most popular is definitely promo videos. A promo video is basically any video that is used to promote or market the event, and boost its visibility, entice prospects, or directly increase sign-ups

In light of the crucial role of promo videos, it is important to ensure they are effective as possible. Here are several tips that could help you to improve the effectiveness of your promo videos on several fronts:

Focus on a single goal and message

  • While it is true that the general goal is to promote your event, you should narrow it down further and be more specific. Is your promo video meant to increase awareness of the event? Deliver more sign-ups? Entice and interest viewers so that they feel like finding out more?
  • Once you nail down your goal, you can then find a message (and call to action) that helps to achieve it. With a single goal the message will be more focused, less complicated, and ultimately more effective.
  • If you have multiple goals that you’d like your promo video to achieve – it may be a good idea to create a different video for each one.

Tailor the tone and direction to your audience

  • What audience demographic will be interested in your event? What sort of age, gender, income, education, or occupation groups do they come from?
  • If you know some (or all) of the answers to those questions you will be able to tailor the tone and direction of the video accordingly and make it more likely to appeal to the groups that you’re targeting. For example, if your event is primarily targeting millennial college students, you could opt for a fun, artsy, casual, and authentic video.
  • On the other hand, if your event is targeting middle-aged business professionals, you may want a more serious promo video that is informative and uses a problem-solution formula.

Keep it short and direct

  • Viewers generally have shorter attention spans nowadays – especially when watching online videos. That is why it is important that you keep your promo video short and direct, so viewers are more likely to watch it right to the end and follow-up on the call to action.
  • Focusing on a single goal and message will help with that – but you should also plan and lay out your video with it in mind. The ‘ideal’ length for promo videos can vary depending on their type as well as the platform they’re published on, as this infographic for social media videos shows.

Highlight the unique benefits of the event

  • Why should people want to attend your event? What do they stand to gain from it? What makes it unique?
  • If your promo video can answer some or all of those questions, it will be in much better shape. That is why you should try to identify and highlight the unique benefits your event can provide in some way.
  • For promo videos that follow a problem-solution formula that should be relatively easy, but for others it may not be. For example, the benefit of some events may be that you have a great time attending it, in which case you will need to find a way to showcase that fact.

Capitalize on the power of visuals

  • Videos have a unique visual potential, and you should try to capitalize on it in your promo video. The best advice to do that is to always ‘show, not tell’.
  • Basically, you should be trying to use visuals to deliver the message of your promo video. For example, if that message is that it is an exciting and fun event that they should sign up for – you need to show them the event is fun and exciting.
  • Similarly, if you want to interest viewers in how your event could help them to solve a problem, you could display that problem and what they’ll stand to gain that will help them overcome it.
  • As you can see the exact manner in which you use visuals will vary – but what is important is that you always find some way to leverage it.

Try adding some social proof into the mix

  • If you’re trying to sell viewers on the angle that attending your event will benefit them in some way – what proof do you have?
  • Social proof is a good way to answer that in event promo videos, as it is both powerful as well as a good fit. Try including wide-shots of the crowd from a previous event, testimonial from past attendees, or even just reaction shots of the audience to strengthen the message with proof of your claims.
  • In some cases, your promo video may actually be designed around social proof – such as a case study based on a previous event that shows its benefits.

Never compromise on quality

  • Quality counts for a lot – and when you eventually record your promo video you should ensure that there are no compromises. Try to record your video in 1080p and at a high frame rate, and make sure the audio quality is excellent as well.
  • Generally, you will need to edit the video to compile raw footage into the final product, as well as tidy it up and maybe add some effects. The good news is that if you want to learn video editing there are lots of options you can pursue.
  • Before you publish your promo video you should ruthlessly evaluate its quality and take steps to fix any areas if need be.

As you can see each of these tips will help improve the effectiveness of your promo videos in one way or another. By keeping them in mind and trying each one out you should end up with more engaging promo videos that are better able to fulfill their goals. Some of these tips could even help improve any other types of videos that you may create for your event as well.

Arthur Retman has been creating marketing videos for events and brands for several years. He tends to use Movavi’s specialized multimedia software due to the fact that it provides a wide range of user-friendly yet powerful solutions to create, process, convert, and produce content.

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