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Evolutionary Changes In The World Of Event Tech

Guest posting by Kevin Maddox

Mobile phones and computers were considered science fiction in the early nineties. Back then, video chatting was also a distant dream, or rather it was a concept that was solely reserved for Star Trek. Technology has progressed exponentially since then. Last decade, we saw virtual reality, smartphones, hoverboards ruling the market. And today, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Snapchat and Skype, have taken the world by storm. Such advancements aren't just limited to consumer industry only but it has impacted the event industry too.

Sweeping technological improvements in the event sector has streamlined the event management process, making it much easier for the organizers to get their job done. Innovation through automation has had a significant effect on the sector. In the last 20 years, event planning, execution and follow-ups have become simpler than ever.  

A Peek into The Early 2000s

In the late 90's and early 2000s, event planners had to print event pamphlets, cards and leaflets to invite guests for a tradeshow. Maintaining a register log to keep a track of attendee footfalls was cumbersome. Providing minute-by-minute updates to the guests wasn't an easy task.

Event Technology Trends in The Current Climate

Cut to 2017, advancements in technology has brought in a paradigm shift in the sector. Recent developments have allowed organizers to go one step ahead with event management. Mobile event apps, social media, iBeacons, wearable technology and gamification have made event execution simpler and easier.  

1) Event apps - Today, organizers leverage the potential of event apps to maximize their attendee engagement. Photo Walls, Polls, Live Q&A, Surveys and other seamless integrations within an event app help them enhance their audience experience. Mobile Meeting Modules drive networking opportunities, enabling the attendees to connect with fellow participants better. Personalized agenda allow the participants to customize their event itinerary.

2) Social Media - No longer do event delegates require expensive equipment to broadcast their experience at a tradeshow. They resort to in-app Social Wall to upload and personalize live updates. Primarily built for internal event communication, a Social Wall drives engagement and opens doors for more interested viewers and attendees.

3) iBeacons - Tracking hyperlocal attendee behavior is made easier now with iBeacons technology. This technology simply alerts the attendees about nearby booths and stalls, by sending signals on their Beacon-enabled mobile devices. Event orchestrators gather valuable insights through such Beacon devices or wearable technologies, such as smartwatches. Such insights and data help the planners optimize their marketing plans better. 

4) Gamification - In-built Gamification Module further drives active participation. The module simply engages the audiences by involving them in fun-filled event activities and games. By rewarding the active participants and gamifying the event, organizers simply heighten the enthusiasm at the venue and draws further audience attention. 

Fast-evolving technologies such as the above are rapidly transforming the experience for event attendees, organizers and sponsors. They're also paving the way for further innovation in the future.

So, What Does the Future Hold?

Eventprofs feel that AI will dominate the future of events. From creating a pre-event buzz to providing 24*7 attendee supports to gathering post-event analytics, AI bots will play a huge role in all. Organizers are also banking on check-in apps to track event attendance and streamline the registration process. 

Most planners have already put these cutting-edge technologies in effect to future-proof their events. Have you?

Kevin Maddox is an industry veteran who has been working with event2mobile for the past several years. He has an in-depth knowledge on event technology and how it can transform the event management process. He strongly feels that by leveraging newest tools and technologies, eventprofs can drive positive results and enhance their brand image.   

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