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8 Effective Ways To Promote Your Event On Facebook

©2019 Guest Post by Sarah Smith

Either you are a startup or a giant business model, whether you are an online store or an enterprise, social media can do some magic to your business. In order to maintain a competitive stride, businesses are bound to clout of popular social media platforms.
Social platforms help you keep in touch with your customers, boost brand awareness, and increase your sales. Social media take over millions of people time and smartphones. Facebook has the highest share of social media platform usage. 68% of internet consumers are active on facebook who are adults.

1. Make An Event Frame
Facebook always want to make their users feel comfy to utilize their outstanding features. So event frames can be customized with all kinds of content generations such as posts, profile pictures and stories.
Create your event frame by following these simple steps:
  •  Navigate to Settings on.
  • From “General” tab click 'Page Location for Frames'
  • Hit the next option to 'Page Location for Frames'
  • Open frame studio
  • Upload artworks of your event
  • Fill name of the event, location, schedule and keywords
  • Click publish on the publish button
  • Preview and post your event
2. Stimulate An Event Hashtag
When you create your event hashtag, keep it short and distinguishable for attendees to remember. Try abbreviations for the event name it will work well. Inserting the year to the end of the tag will make it easy to reactivate it for next year. Encourage attendees to use your event hashtag in their posts.
3. Ticket Giveaways
People always love free stuff. So why not give away some of your event tickets for free. Increase awareness about your event and the giveaway, create a hashtag, and get people interested. The content must drive people to tag their friends in the post. Your intended attendees will spread the world, and drive more word-of-mouth marketing for your event. Make your session funny and challenging and pic a lucky customer and honor them with free tickets.
4. Target Audience With Geotags
Geotagging will be the good idea to promote event on facebook by focusing people near to your event location. Adding a geographical location to a photo or post facebook
Each platform will have its native features you can either choose the location or location tags. If you utilize any location where others event also takes place, it will be an added bonus for people as well as you, this will increase your event location visible when it takes place on well
5. Invite Your Friends
Facebook facilitates event organizers and participants to gather more audience for the event from Trollishly, invitations can be sent both privately and publicly.For private events, chose invite friends to send invitations privately. If it is a public event invitation can be shared as a post. Or persuade your friends via messenger.Nothing is impossible when facebook accommodate everything required. Filter decisive people based on their location, profession and so on.
6. Run Ads Relevant To Your Event
Never underestimate the power of ads, because they are the source of content reach and engagement. Mix variety of ad formats such as visual ads, Carousel ads, slideshow ads and so on.
7. Image And Video Ads
Video ads can run in News Feed and Stories, or as in-stream ads in Facebook videos. Video ads can show quick demo video or interpretive videos.
Carousel Ads
Carousel is a bilateral ad format where you can display up to 10 images or videos within a single ad. It is highly beneficial for heterogeneous products or services. Illustrate how to use a product using carousel ads with step by step commands. Take your customer to a product tour to reveal the best of the ad format.
Prerequisites For Carousel Ads:
 * Suggested image size: 600 x 600 pixels
 * Image ratio: 1:1
 * Text: 90 characters
 * Headline: 40 characters
 * Link description: 20 characters
 * Keep texts on images simple
Video Poll Ads
Video poll ads eases the promotion process with it’s interactive session drive. but Facebook’s early data shows that these ads can increase brand awareness more effectively than regular video ads.
How To Set Poll On Facebook Videos?
* Upload a video
* Go to “Edit Post”
* From video editing options choose “Create Poll”
* Ask a question and set upto 6 options
* Define the time to display the poll on your video
Dynamic Ads
Dynamic ads allow you to promote targeted products to the customers most likely to be interested in them.
8. Create A Sneak Peak Of Your Event
Sneak peak creation will reach audience out of your target audience which will results in more user traffic for your event. 
If you are good at capturing moment, you are welcome. Shoot photos in your desired location, and think about tagging your photo locations will get notices from those who are looking for locations to take their photos. You might get a few looks from those who have yet to book a photographer.

Hi, I’m Sarah Smith. I’m a passionate content writer and my works are associated with Social Media promoting and tech reviews. I have published several articles on leading websites which transformed me into a social media blogger. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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