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  • The January/February 2018 Issue of Corbin's TechTalk Newsletter/Blog Now Available +

    The January/February 2018  issue of TechTalk   is now available and is packed with new meetings technology articles, links and ideas! 
    In this issue:
    • NEW ARTICLE: 7 Event Design Ideas from EventTech Las Vegas
    • NEW VIDEO: 2018 Event Industry Trends
    • NEW ARTICLE: Overcoming SMM Tech Challenges
    • NEW ARTICLE: What are Blockchain and Ethereum and How Can They Be Used for Events?
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  • Corbin Ball & Co. Marks Its 20th Anniversary +

    In April of 1997, I left my career as Head of Conference Operations for a high-tech association (SPIE) and set out to form my own speaking, consulting and writing firm focusing exclusively on technology for events, exhibitions and meeting venues. I was the first person to do this full-time -- the 'OG' of event tech! Today, I am happy to say
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    Onsite Data Analytics – A Goldmine for Meetings Improvement

    The onsite meeting used to be known as the “black hole” of event data management. . Planners used computers to gain insights before and after events, but during an event they were “flying blind.” For example, paper surveys were handed out, but tallying wasn’t completed until after the event – not in time to make mid-course corrections.

    Emerging Data Collection Tools
    Now, it is possible for every touch on a mobile event app to be tracked, scored and rated. Social media channels can be monitored and incorporated into the mix. Onsite “likes” and mobile polling and survey tools can be scored in real time. Meeting planners and event marketers can know immediately answers to the following questions:

    What are trending hot topics?
    Who are the top speakers?
    What exhibit booths have the most attendance?
    What speakers/exhibitors are “liked” the most?
    Who are the key connectors/influencers?
    What are the attendees’ ratings on specific survey and/or polling questions?

    With coming advances in geo-positioning and beacon technology, it will be possible for every attendee movement to be monitored precisely (usually with permission from the attendee) to yield even more data. This includes:

    What is the crowd flow through an exhibit hall? Where are the hot spots and where are they not?
    What are the “dwell times” of specific attendees in front of specific exhibitor booths? (For example: an attendee would be likely more interested in an exhibit if the stood at a booth for 15 minutes compared to just walking by. This is very valuable information for exhibitors to know who specifically are interested in their product or service. It could also be useful for attendees to be able to generate a list of the exhibit booths visited and the amount of time spent with each of them.)
    Where are queues forming for registration, food and/or transportation in order to send reinforcements?
    Who is in the meeting room? (This could be useful for many purposes including automated CEU tracking or to send pop-up messages targeted only to attendees in the room to open up a room-specific mobile poll.)

    This real-time collection of onsite data can be a goldmine of information to gain insights for event improvement, to make midcourse corrections, to engage participants and to provide more targeted marketing

    The Next Step: Data Analytics
    With better onsite data collection tools than ever before; the next challenge will be finding useful, real time analytic tools to interpret these data. Many mobile event app companies are beginning to provide easy-to-understand real-time analytic tools. For example mobile app DoubleDutch’s Event Performance tool can provide real-time sentiment analysis with specific tools to measure engagement and “happiness.”

    GenieConnect (recently purchased by Lanyon), provides an event portal and event app system that provides a range of analytic and marketing tools as well.

    Attendee management companies such as Certain Software, Cvent and Lanyon are developing event intelligence tracking through their systems.

    Beyond this, there are other emerging analytic tools. IBM’s Watson Analytics (makers of the super computer that won the TV Jeopardy contest), now offers a freemium “super computer” data analytics tool. Up to 50 columns by 100,000 rows of data per upload can be analyzed for free! Included in the feature set are simplified graphing and analysis tool to more easily see trends and tell the story to others.

    These “big data” tools can provide very useful business insights about what is happening at an event. …And in time to make a mid-course correction if needed!

    The field of data analytics is a rapidly growing and evolving one. The costs will continue to fall and the insights gained will be quicker and deeper. Attendees are already carrying around the sensor and engagement tools in their pockets (smart phones with mobile event apps). Now is the time for meeting planners and technology providers to take these data collection and analytic tools to the next step to more fully implement them to improve the quality of the event.

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    • Fantastic seminar! Very exciting advances to come. Your enthusiasm is contagious.
      Michele Mamacos Manager of Events Services
    • Excellent session! Best one I have attended at PCMA. Needed to be 2 hours! Bring it back in 2014.
      Marguerite Leishman Meetings Manager
    • Corbin, ALWAYS a homerun presentation of great info!
      Peter O’Brien Marriott Global Sales
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