Corbin's Excel Meeting Planning Software Tools
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These worksheet tools have been developed and honed over years of planning international, city-wide technology meetings. Although designed for large, association meetings, many of them are applicable to many types and sizes of meetings. All are fully functional Excel files -- just click on the hyperlink and save if you wish to keep for your own use.  They vary in size and will take 10 seconds to 2 minutes to load depending on your modem connection. (A 50Kb file should take about 12 seconds with a 56Kb modem.) Faster loading, non-interactive HTML versions have been provided as well.

Downloading notes: On some browsers, a username and password is requested. Simply hit "cancel" and the spreadsheet will load. In order to save the document, click "File" and then "Save As" and name and place the document on your hard drive where desired. 

Attrition Calculator (184Kb)
Provided by MeetingU.
Is your sleeping room pickup coming in short of the block? How bad is it? With this worksheet you enter your historical pickup pattern, your room block and your pickup up to date.  It will automatically calculate the variance and note a danger flag based on the amount of contracted slippage is allowed.
Rack Rate Discount Calculator (26Kb)
Provided by MeetingU.
This worksheet calculates discounts off of the rack sleeping room rate and future years' inflation increases.
The Conference Matrix Grid View (67Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
This provides a one-page view of a large, multi-session, multi-day meeting. This works especially well for meeting room assignments and finding out at a glance what is happening where.
Conference Resume (34Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
Answer all the questions the hotel may have even before they have a chance to ask them! Convention Services Managers (CSMs) will love you for providing this information before they have to track it down. This document should be the opening pages of the Specifications Document and it addresses most of the department of the hotel.
Complete Conference Specifications (127Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
This spreadsheet contains an example of the full specifications that are sent to the hotel CSM. This should follow the Conference Resume listed above. Included in this are numerous ideas on how to streamline and improve your communication with the hotel. Many CSMs have mentioned that these have been the clearest an easy-to-use specifications that they have every received! Check them out.
Catering Cost Estimator Worksheet (54Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
The handy spreadsheet will calculate daily and overall catering costs, inclusive pricing, and event how many gallons of coffee, tea and decaf should be served.
Hotel Pickup Trackers (2 worksheets in the same document - 254Kb)  
This worksheet monitors the hotel sleeping room pickup for a single hotel (the first worksheet tab) and  multiple hotels (the second tab). They calculate individual hotel and collective room totals, compares these totals to a percentage of the room block, estimates total revenue and graphs it out on a weekly basis compared to the block.  The single hotel tracker will even calculate your comp credits.
Registration Pickup Tracker (40Kb)   
This document tracks and graphs registration totals by category over years. The second graph looks at the registration pickup, and how it compares to the previous year. Note color coding by year.
Exhibitor Tracker (51Kb)   
This worksheet graphs three important exhibit variables:
1. The total number of companies exhibiting at a particular show over the years
2. The total net square footage sold over the years.
3. Exhibitor company registration pickup.
Meeting Expense Tracking Workbook (67Kb)   
Provided by PlanSoft
Meetings consolidation made easy. Track your meeting budget, forecasts and actual meeting expenses over several meetings in this easy-to-use, well planned and documented spreadsheet.
Temporary, Security, or AV Staff Hours Worksheet (58Kb) QuickView HTML version  
This worksheet will calculate hour worked, standard pay, overtime pay for individuals and a total. It also servers as a bid sheet to send to temporary staff agencies, security, AV firms, or any firm where you will be hiring staff on an hourly basis.
AV Equipment Bid Worksheet (35Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
This worksheet provides a bid sheet that can be emailed to AV companies. It computes the total daily unit total for equipment from the day-by-day totals entered. A unit cost can then be assigned by the AV company, and automatically calculating a total cost per equipment type. The sheet provides cells for discounts to be inserted, as well as for sales tax, labor, and delivery charges. The total cost is found at the bottom.

Sign List Worksheet (93Kb)  
Yes, even the sign list can be made in an Excel spread sheet. The idea is that, using the multiple-tab worksheet feature, all of these documents can be combined into one larger document, and kept in one place with all of the relevant data.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this sheet, to find many tips on how signs should be used in a conference setting.  This document also demonstrates the multi-tab feature -- look at the bottom for the tab for "Signs" as well as one for "Sign Guide." 

Packing List Worksheet (45Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
The packing list is another item that naturally fits into a grid format, and, therefore, a good candidate for an Excel spreadsheet. It is broken down into areas (AV, Registration, etc). This location is marked on the address label, making it easier to unpack on site. Each box is numbered as well. As the equipment is packed, the box number is noted on the master packing sheet. Then it becomes easier to track onsite.

Conference Calendar and Timeline (18 Kb)    QuickView HTML version (non-interactive)
This automated calendar allow you to enter a date  and it will automatically calculate the deadline dates leading up to it.  Thanks to Lisa Shimuzu, Corporate Meeting Planner for Milliman & Roberston, Inc., who contributed this sheet.

Site Selection Rating Sheet (19Kb)   
Submitted by Marcia Neu. 
This decision-making aid for a site selection assists in comparing multiple sites.  It allows for the decision-making factors and the weighting to be tailored to a particular meeting's priorities and needs. Ideally, the weighting of factors is set before the property review, so that a personal bias for or against a particular property won't show up in the weighting. After reviewing properties in detail or doing site inspections, you assign each property a number and rate it on a Likert scale (probably of 1 to 5 or 1 to 7).

Other Web Tools:

Meeting Space Calculator  (Courtesy of PlanSoft Corporation)

Tax & Gratuity Calculator  (Courtesy of PlanSoft Corporation)

Meeting Budget Calculator  (Courtesy of Eventageous)

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