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 Corbin's January/February 2007TechTalk Newsletter

Volume IX,Issue 1


Happy New Year! Welcome to Corbin's TechTalk Newsletter, in its eighth year of providing the latest in technology for events, tradeshows and hospitality professionals in more than 60 countries.

A new year is a great time to look forward, to look back and assess. The three new articles for this issue do just this. The new tech trends coming, the past technology milestones, and the "killer apps" that have made the difference for the events industry.

In this issue:

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NEW ARTICLE: 12 Events Technology Trends
What are the major tech trends that are
changing the industry? Where are things going? Thisarticle presents and update on my views on the subject. 

NEW ARTICLE: Killer Apps of the Meetings Industry 
A killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) refers to technology that is so useful or desirable that it proves the value of some underlying technology.

There are many “killer apps” for the meetings industry – programs that are so useful, so cost-saving, so efficiency-increasing, or so service-improving that they have and continue to revolutionize the way that meeting professionals do business.


This article will cover some of the major meeting industry killer apps so far, and then highlight what I believe to be some of ones to come.

NEW ARTICLE: Meetings Technology Milestones - The Past 20 Years

This article, written for the 20th anniversary edition of Meetings West Magazine (January 2007), covers the major technology milestone for the events industry during the past two decades. 


More of Corbin's Articles in Spanish and German
Seven articles have been
translated to other languages with more to come. Thanks to Thomas MacFarlane from Event Planner Spain (, for providing the translation services.

Corbin to Chair EIBTM's World Wide Technology Watch (WWTW) Award for the 5th Year.
WWTW is the events industry's most significant award recognizing technology innovation. I am very pleased to report that I have been asked to chair the judging committee for the fifth
consecutive year.  The judging will be in September 2007 and the award will be given late November at EIBTM 2007 in Barcelona. Please watch this space for further details inlcuding application forms as they develop.

16 Web Site Favorites for Business and Fun

5 Meeting Industry Sites:

New mobile lead retrieval device
Scans 2D barcodes and mag

StarCite/OnVantage EasyBook Tool
Allows corporations to avoid the RFP and directly book small meeting space in an instant. Available only in select properties.

Paguna - One Page Search and Hotel Booking
This travel site is great example of new rich internet application technology (RIA) using AJAX. The web is progressing in ease of use.

Banquet Seating and Diagramming Software
Inexpensive software for you banquet seating needs.

High-def full screen virtual hotel tours
Click on the Rich Media Gallery. 

5 Favorite Utility/Reference Sites:  

InfoTech - The Year in Review 
Interesting article from MIT on general technology advances.

Bird Flu Checklist
Thanks to Dana Rhoden, CMP, CMM for sending this document.

Guide to What You Buy
Your guide to environmentally-friendly purchases.

Free International Phone Calls (explanation)
You call a local number in Iowa - (712) 858-8888 - and then can dial out to most countries in the world. The company offering the service gets paid a subsidy for accepting incoming calls to its exchange in rural Iowa.

Solid State Drives
Eventually these will replace computer disk drives with faster access times, much lower power consumption, smaller size, and greater
reliability (no moving parts).  SanDisk's claims that a laptop with one of these drives can boot Windows Vista in a third the time of a standard hard disk drive. 

6 Sites for Fun:    

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity
Thought provoking video on the importance of creativity in education. 

Cool Clouds

How Not To Rob a Liquor Store

Ice and Snow Sculptures 

The first jet-powered flying man in the history of aviation

An amazing 11-year old singing voice 

“Those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
-- Benjamin Franklin. 

"The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?" 
David Sarnoff's associates responding to his urgings for investment in radio (April 1912)   

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