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Corbin's Technology Services

Corbin Ball is "the foremost authority on all things tech when it comes to the meetings industry. At a time when the pace of technological development is lightning fast, the industry has a crying need for more people like him, who can provide organizations with perspective on how to use this dizzying array of technology to improve meetings management." 
Successful Meetings and Meeting News magazines, January 23, 2012  

“When we first named Ball to the most-influential list in 2000, we said the industry had a crying need for
more people like him, who could provide organizations with perspective on how to use technology to improve their meetings management. There just aren't a lot of places organizations can turn to for this kind of help.”  
Meeting News, July 14, 2003 

Ball is "the foremost authority on all things tech when it comes to the meetings industry."
MeetingNews, July 15, 2002

"Ball is about as far ahead of the filed in meetings-technology consultation as Tiger Woods is ahead of his fellow golf pros."
MeetingNews, July 16, 2001

If you set about counting on one hand the number of big-picture experts in [meetings] industry technology (who aren't biased by virtue of their employment with specific tech companies), you'll have fingers to spare."
MeetingNews, July, 2000

See the above MeetingNews articles.

The TechAudit for Meeting Planning Departments
What are the best technology choices for your meetings/tradeshow/travel department or association? Making the right choices can cost, but making the wrong choices can be far more costlier!

Corbin's TechAudit can help:
Corbin will spend a day with your department, review the current technology used, review systems and procedures. This will result in a detailed, step-by-step blueprint to streamline procedures, and bring current software, hardware, and internet utilization up to speed, leading to a more efficient and productive department. Corbin has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, large associations, convention/visitor bureaus, convention centers, meetings technology providers, independent meeting planning companies and more. He can help your organzation as well. 
Marketing Analysis for Meetings Technology and Other Suppliers
Corbin offers a broad range of consulting services specifically designed for meetings technology providers, corporations/meeting planning companies, associations, meeting facilities, hotels and CVBs. Read more...

Technology Writing
Corbin's articles have been published in hundreds of national and internation publications and has authored or co-authored numerous books.  He is owner and editor of TechTalk News, the largest technology newsletter serving the meetings and tradeshow industries.  Read more...

Keynote Addresses, Presentations, and Training
From a keynote address to a day of focused training, Corbin has the courses to bring your firm or association up to speed. A full curriculum of technology courses is offered. Each can be customized to any group and experience level in with all the planning details arranged. A partial listing Corbin's more popular courses is available on the Presentations page. Corbin's programs receive the highest accolades and reviews.

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